Dream Closet!

It’s good to have a husband who likes my ideas and is willing to put them into fruition.  I had a closet designed and he went ahead and built it for me (and him)!  He decided to create one better than what I had in mind, using oak veneer plywood as opposed to MDF (which was what I think I was about to order.  This closet is SO solid you could probably stand on the shelves and nothing will collapse or fall of the wall.

It’s hard to capture the essence of the closet since there are no working lights in there yet, but these images should give you an idea!

There were supposed to be drawers in the original concept but we nixed that idea.

We are “visual” people; if we can’t see it, we’ll forget it!  I’m putting in baskets instead!

This is a wall for shoes!  Now, before everyone starts thinking that the shelves are for MY shoes, I will set you straight.  My husband, currently, has waaaay more shoes than I do. BUT, I guess that I am a late bloomer and am starting to catch up to him.  I am now in the process of upgrading my shoe wardrobe, mostly thanks to Christina, my brother’s gal who happens to work at Town Shoes.

Perhaps next you can all see the doors and listen to the story from hell!!!!!

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My New Best Friend!

I have seriously moved into crazy lady middle life.  My new best friend is a vacuum.  BUT, not just any vacuum…

IT          IS               A


Oh yes, I have succumbed to the pressures of a housewife and bought our very first vacuum.  Sure, we had a vacuum before, but it was a hand me down from a hand me down!  After watching my mom go through 3 vacuums in little over a year (one actually caught on fire!), I decided to splurge.  If this vacuum is as good as it says it is, then I figure it is money well spent.

I got it home and had to fight with an almost 4 year old to use it.  I lost, he won.  I had to wait.

But the wait was worth it!

That vacuum sucks like mad and is super awesome to wheel around.  I can’t wait until we actually have furniture to glide around…

all with the flick of a wrist

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Kitchen Cabinets

We have actually had our cabinets installed about 3 months ago… but there are still some niggling details that have yet to be finished.  We chose to go with walnut wood in a natural finish.  There is no darkening of the wood with stain, just a clear finish.  Hubby and I love  wood and we found that the grain in the walnut to be superb.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of clear woods such as maple, but the walnut just caught our attention.

After looking and pricing out handles, I found a source to provide them at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.  Long live IKEA!  Found our handles in Phoenix while I was down there.  Let’s just say that the savings were worth the aggravation of dragging the handles along on flights the hopscotched back to Manitoba while toting 2 toddlers and a pregnant belly.

I am not posting any snaps until all the appliances and the counters are installed.  That will be the time for the cabinets to shine!  Instead I will treat you all to a few pics of the boy stuck while driving the gator in the yard.  He found a large hole and his partner, well, she jumped ship at the first sign of trouble!

Just getting stuck!  Warned him about random holes around the yard.

Attempts to drive the vehicle out of the hole were futile!

Mom had to come to the rescue (after the photos) and push while

he drove it out.  That poor vehicle has had the crap driven out of it.

This boy LOVES his gator, drove it until there was snow and again as

soon as the snow was more or less gone!

Thank Goodness we have 5 acres for him to cover!

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What the Heck! Where were we???

Oh dear… it seems that I have let this poor blog lapse… since last October!

Just an update, we are not in the house… I repeat NOT in the HOUSE!

Stuff has happened since the last posting… most important news, we are adding a new member to the family, due in June.  We only put 3 bedrooms on the main floor, so someone has to share. I figure that this is JUST fine, as the hubby and I both grew up sharing bedrooms and we don’t seem to be scarred for life.

What have we got left to do??

When you are building yourself, and don’t want to move in until EVERYTHING is finished, a lot has to be done.  We have friends who have been living in their new homes for several years and are still finishing off tasks.  Hubby wants to relax and enjoy the family (and boat) for the summer.  After all the rain that we just received, it looks like he MAY have one project left, screen in the back room.

Since we have some time that has passed, let’s do a little catch up!

This is the master bathroom.  Tile is the overly large 12 X24″ tiles,with in floor heat! Must say that my handy husband is now a tile work genius after all the hours he has put in with this house.

The shower that he MADE with his BARE hands!  He actually made the pan from scratch too!  I’ll put in closer photos of the tile so that we can all get an idea of what it actually looks like.  I totally love it!

These are the tiles that we chose for accent.  I think that they are called bamboo tiles and we have them in a pewter grey and ecru colour.  The subways are a smaller style that is in a grey tone.  Everything is grey in the master bath… it’s the new neutral, don’t you know!

Here we have a quick pic of the flooring detail in the shower.

Used individual stones that were grouted into paced after they were                                                               cut in half.  Yeah right!  They came in circular sheet from my Mom’s                                                                     shop.  Some piece were individually placed, but not the whole thing.                                                                     The final look (and feel) is similar to a lake side retreat.  After building                                                               this house, we won’t be able to afford a cabin!

This is my new pride and joy!

My bathtub.  Horrible photo!  It is a very simple vessel style tub that is nice and deep!  That was important to me.  Our old house had a drain that was less than half way up the tub, so you were never fully covered!  This sucker is deep and can also fit a pregnant mother with a 3.5 yr old and a 2 yr old in it!  I look forward to looooong soaks with a good book and glass (bottle, who am I kidding) of wine!

This is the update for now!  But I am back into posting land.  Gotta finish the house and some posts before the new baby arrives.  Due on the 23rd, hope we are in by then!   Oh, next post, I’ll show off the master closet.  All you clothes hogs will be super envious!!!

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Stucco … Today!

Holy Cow, just decided on the colour yesterday and today my little group of stucco guys is ready to slap it all together!  Our colour is called ‘Palladian Shadow’.  I think it’s a grey colour.  I say that “I think” because it had been cloudy the last week and all colours appear different.  One that I liked appeared grey, then was shown to be rather mauve.  I’ll add photos as they come.

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Advanced Poop Field

Well… we were hoping that we would be able to incorporate some new technologies into our house, trying to use better systems, hoping to “fix” what has proven to break!  In comes our septic field, a new peat system.  This is new into Manitoba and I believe that ours is either the first or second installed in Manitoba.  The system is called “Bord na Mona Puraflo System”    http://www.bnm-us.com/wastewater-treatment-systems-puraflo.php    and it uses a peat fiber biofilter.  Not just ANY peat, but special peat from Ireland (so you just know where the extra cost for the system is coming from!!)  The effluent that goes into the system basically comes out as clean water therefore you do not need as large a field area for ground percolation.  Old systems need the larger area for the bacteria to spread out and attach to soil particles.  

IMG_4685   IMG_4694It requires lots of washed 2 ” limestone; fine, fine sand and a whack load (or 4 loads) of a special loam soil mix.

A base is made of the limestone over top scarred earth and then the pre-assembled peat containers are laid over top

IMG_4692There are three containers for our house and estimated usage.

IMG_4696 There were quite a few supervisors checking out  the progress.  The two little one’s were impressed with the machinery and Daddy driving the bobcat!


The holding tank is a 2 compartment tank and the pump in the tank is actually on a timer inside the house to pump out to the field consistently instead of flushing out vast volumes and flooding the field.

 Nothing too cool about the tank… it’s big … it’s green … it holds poop and pee.


It’s basically a big green monster that munches on human waste;

our little sludge friend!

IMG_4714          IMG_4715Here is the first container being walked over by Big D and Shane.

They put in the first and third containers, then easily placed the second in between.

IMG_4716         IMG_4725

It took a little “wiggling” with the excavator to get the first container to line up with the inlet pipe.  That small hole had to line up with a white pipe in the limestone, guess it’s a bit hard to do with a giant machine.

IMG_4734The pipes were all epoxied together, bit of a sticky situation.  It seemed to go together effortlessly, or at least from my view!

IMG_4766All three containers, just waiting for inspection.  The peat is compacted inside with a series of inlet pipes with perforations for percolations (say that 5 times fast!). The liquid enters through the bottom and the pressure causes it to rise through the chambers to the top and then filter down through the peat.  There are several outlets at the bottom of the containers for the liquid to come out.

It’s not finished yet.  I’ll have to post the final pictures once completed.  The tops of the containers are visible when done.  That’s good because after 15 years once the peat has compacted too much to filter properly, all you do is open the tops and then replace the peat.  It doesn’t require complete system replacement and the soil should never become contaminated.

Well, here’s to a new system that is supposed to work wonderfully and leave us with nice clean, unpolluted soil for our trees to grow and our kids to play on!

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Seriously, projects are happening it seems at break neck speed!  Drywall will be ready for PAINTING this Thursday or Friday; Stucco should be going on this Thursday or Friday, Eves are finished, Holding tank is in and the pump is in it; Well now has a pump so we should be able to get water somehow; AND our septic field is almost done!!IMG_4668    IMG_4670

We’ve got our stucco guys mixing away ………                   AND there is an interested party watching the fascinating show!

IMG_4667        IMG_4669

I have never actually seen scratch coast being put on, these guys had to do it old school, schlepping the pails of mixture from the front of the garage to where ever they were working (We had no water for them except a large container that had to come out manually).

IMG_4678     IMG_4680








Didn’t seem to matter because they slopped that stuff on and smeared it around like nobody’s business (except theirs, I guess)!!  Here is a tid bit you may not know; it is better for the temperatures to be low when applying stucco because it will take longer to dry resulting in a harder end product.  I know this because it was about 3 degrees C. when they were working!   Pretty Friggin’ COLD!!

Now I have to choose the stucco colour.  Front siding is going to be Iron Grey, should I choose a colour to match?  Almost match but a few shades lighter?  Should it match with the trim instead?  Hmmmmm!   Need Answers!

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What’s that… DRYWALL?

Drywall IS started!  Actually, they are done hanging it!  Four guys came in  and in 2 days our yellow insulation filled walls (And let me tell you, there are WALLS full of insulation!  Sound proof house, for SURE!) are boarded up and the house is starting to take shape!


Here is one of the dudes working on it. He’s doing a mighty fine job!

IMG_4610And here are the other 3 gents.  Look how nice our living room looks! Note our ceiling! And the amount of potlights … there will not be a shortage of lights in this house!  It’s looking like a home! Sniff, sniff!

Mudding starts when we get some heat in there.  Oh, yeah, it was SNOWING yesterday!!

Shane is starting the septic field today… thank goodness!

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House with Shingles

Another post dedicated to my darling sister …. a picture of the house with shingles!

IMG_4629As one can plainly see, we chose to go with the ‘wrap ‘ look for the fall season.  Everyone’s doin’ it!  Note the greyish roof and soffits and fascia.  Missing are the troughs and downspouts, I am assuming that they ARE coming!

IMG_4631And here is a closer look at my front door.  Not everyone’s style, but it suited our needs.  AND, YES, we WILL be painting it.  Just what colour is the question?!

IMG_4620These are the colour choices from the James Hardie cement fiberboard that we are using to cover the front.  Now, you would think with only 21 colours, a decision could be made rapidly, right?  Uhhhhh, no!  First I wanted RED, then hubby wanted BROWN, then I said a light GREEN. The ‘banter’ shall I politely call it, went on for days … which dragged into weeks!  FINALLY, a DECISION was made, at least on the main colour!

Our  main colour will be IRON GREY.  Sounds imposing, doesn’t it!  It is the little tiny colour piece that is, well, grey!  Now what about the trim colour??  This colour will go around the windows and doors and also be on our pillars.  The pillars are getting boxed out, Craftsman Style, and will be finished with some of that stinkin’ stone that is everywhere (hubby LOVES it, I tolerate it).

IMG_4619So, the trim colour I chose (NOTE the word I, because there was not any help from hubby. He wanted it done and over with!) is called Monerey Taupe, it’s the giant vertical piece on the right side.  Reason being, all whites are too “white” then they go straight into yellow tones.  Browns were too “dark”, so it basically left us with this one.  ALTHOUGH, I still kinda like the colour that is beside the grey, “Woodstock Brown”.  All comments on the colour choices are welcomed!!  Opinions??

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Camera on The Fritz!

This is a post specifically for Jackie!!!!!

NO PICTURES BECAUSE…….. my camera isn’t working.  I thought that it was a malfunction on the part of Canon, not due to dropping it.  THEN I was informed by a stoolie that the camera was found one morning in a puddle of coffee.  SINCE the informant was old enough to drink coffee and build a house with me, I have eliminated him from my list of suspects.  My list is actually very short, it contains two people who names begin with the letter J.

NEEDLESS to SAY, I have since that day gone out and purchased a new, better, slimmer and more colourful camera!

350__1_ixus100rBEHOLD….. the NEW CAMERA…. IT’s SO RRRRRED!  I won’t lose it now!

Better Pictures to follow!

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